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Baseball Tier Tray Kit

    Baseball Tier Tray Kit


      This DIY kit will have you batting your best RBI’s where home decor is concerned. 

      Don’t have time to paint it and put it together ? We can do it for you just choose painted option below  

      Show off your love if the game with this adorable tier tray kit. 

      Kit includes:




      -Baseball Bat w/Baseball letters

      -“Theres No Crying In Baseball” Round Circle 4” diameter

      -“There’s No Place Like Home” 4”square

      - 6 piece banner 

      - “you’re killin me smalls” tag

      - #1 wooden “foam” finger

      - 4” baseball round

      - photo for inspiration 

      All pieces come unfinished and ready for you to make adding your own spin to it.