Kids Clubs

Kids' Clubs

Our Kids' Clubs offer the flexibility of joining for one day, one month or a full year of classes. Our full year provides the opportunity for children to explore the largest variety of art mediums available and the development of skills through repeating exercises. Each week kids will build skills through the exploration of new ideas. Each club is dedicated to a genre of art, whether it be creative arts, fiber arts, canvas art, mixed media, etc.


Each class has it's own registration fee and monthly dues. Although drop in classes are available, it is highly recommended to sign up each month to secure a space for your child as drop-in classes are only available as space allows.

Our class sizes are smaller to allow for optimal assistance to each child.

Why we chose art?

We chose art because life is messy and sometimes you just have to get messy to navigate through it. Art is therapeutic and serves as an avenue for children to explore in a safe space for trial and error with instant results, whether the results are satisfying or not, children who participate in art are constantly exposed to that learning curve that benefits the development of resilience, critical thinking, observation, problem-solving skills, appreciation, and self-expression. By doing so, we are creating an avenue for kids with anxiety, depression, neurodiversity and boredom cope with the messy world.

Why do we start our kids' clubs at age 2 and above?

Art activities are some of the best ways to promote literacy and brain development. Early childhood is an especially important time for hands-on, self-directed learning. Art engages children’s senses in open-ended play and develops attention span, problem-solving skills and other cognitive social-emotional skills such as turn taking, observation… Meaningful art experiences provide children with authentic self-expression – the freedom of choice, thought and feeling.

How do we teach?

Our methods of teaching allows each child to take charge of their own creative process. By doing so, students are able to create unique pieces, express their own ideas, problem solve, learn from their "aha" moments and discover new ways to create. Our goal is to help children become confident creators in any aspect of their lives to enable them to build inner resources to navigate the messy world around them.

What do you need to bring for classes?

Each child is given an apron, at time of registration. You do not need to bring any other items with you to class unless noted by the Creative Coach ahead of time.

What clubs do we have available?

Canvas Club:

Creative Club- Homeschool Edition: Mondays-

Creative Club- Homeschool Edition: Fridays-

Creative Club:

Youth Designers Club:

Saturday Sewing Series: