Gnome Someone in Need?

Do you GNOME someone in need?

A friend, family member, sports/dance team, school club, Scout project, or even yourself? We are here to help!
We are passionate about giving back to others and would be honored to help you or those in your community. 
HOW can we help? 
By throwing them a Virtual Par-TEE!!!!
What is a ParTEE?
It is a fun and exciting way to shop for graphic tees, play games, win Gnometastic prizes and earn money for the person/organization in need. 
How does throwing a ParTEE help raise money for the person/organization in need?
For every graphic tee sold, $6 will be donated to the person/organization in need. 
What do I have to do to throw a virtual ParTEE?
Contact us and set a date. We do ALL the work! We set up a FB group to host the ParTEE in, play games, allow people to shop and then invoice at the end of the ParTEE.
How long is the ParTEE?
Fundraiser ParTees usually last 7-10 days.
When does the person/organization receive their funds?
Once all the orders are in, paid for and delivered, we send a check to the person/organization in need. 

Want to raise money for someone YOU GNOME?

Set a date for your ParTEE Fundraiser by clicking the link below.