Kick Anxiety, Depression, Neurodiversion and just plain boredom with creativity and art!

As a mother of an anxious child, I know the inner struggle and the feeling of being a spicy disaster. I ask myself daily- how can I do better?

Here at Our Daily Gnome, we strive to help you and your child learn creative ways to control the GIANT MESSY feelings, instead of them controlling you. We understand the daily struggle as a child and a parent. We may not have all the answers- but who does?? If you know them send them our way. HAHA

Our Daily Gnome Creative Arts Center is a safe place we GNOME you will have fun. A place where being a mess doesn't matter!

Come get messy with us!

Join a club, class, special event, open craft hour or host a private party!

Let's Get Messy Together
  • Kids Club

    Kids Club

    Our Kids' Clubs provide the opportunity for children to explore messy feelings with messy art. We utilize the largest variety of art mediums available and the development of skills through repeating exercises. Each week kids will build skills through the exploration of new ideas. Each club is dedicated to a genre of art, whether it be creative arts, fiber arts, canvas art, mixed media, etc.

    To learn more click HERE.



    With several classes to choose from, there is something for everyone at Our Daily Gnome Creative Arts Center.




    We make birthdays, corporate events, showers and any special event more special with a combination of a beautiful, inspiring studio and creative magic!

    We also offer space rental if you would like to rent our space for your special event.


  • Open Craft Hours

    Open Craft Hours

    This is self-guided art studio time with full access to standard arts and crafts supplies, tools and a rotating stock of specialty supplies.

    Open Craft Hours are first come first serve, unless a table is reserved ahead of time. Please check our calendar of events for available times.

    Reservations can be made for $5 per person per hour (table can hold up to 6)

    To make a reservation Click HERE

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Our Story

We are a mother/daughter hand-made business that began as a way to help my daughter control her anxiety instead of her anxiety controlling her during the pandemic.

We realized during the isolation that she needed an outlet and a place to create. She needed people and social interaction. A place to unplug and connect.

As a mother, I felt alone and unsupported. I missed this section in prenatal training and nursing school. It is not a typical discussion at dinner parties, school functions or moms groups. What is a mother to do? How do I fix her? Can I fix her?

These BIG FEELINGS are MESSY and who better to help contain the MESS than others like us??

Thus, Our Daily Gnome was born.

Our Mission is to help others kick their anxiety, depression, neurodiversion and just plain boredom through creativity and art!

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Faith’s Story- we are here for you!

  • Kids' Clubs

    Kids' Clubs

    Art is therapeutic and serves as an avenue for children to explore in a safe space for trial and error with instant results, whether the results are satisfying or not, children who participate in art are constantly exposed to that learning curve that benefits the development of resilience, critical thinking, observation, problem-solving skills, appreciation, and self-expression.

    Learn more about our Kids' Clubs Here

  • Feeling blue? We GNOME just the thing for YOU!

    Feeling blue? We GNOME just the thing for YOU!

    Our DIY Gnome or Craft kits are just the thing to bring JOY and laughter to your day! Grab yours NOW while supplies last!

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  • Anxiety As a SuperPower

    Anxiety As a SuperPower

    Join us on the first Monday of the month to discuss how Anxiety can be a benefit to us.

    This is a peer-facilitated support group for young tweens/teens to help cope with the trials of anxiety on a daily level.

    See our calendar of events for more details.

  • Gnome Someone in Need? Throw them a Fundraiser ParTEE

    Gnome Someone in Need? Throw them a Fundraiser ParTEE

    We offer FUNDraiser ParTEEs where we donate a portion of the proceeds from each shirt sold to the person/organization in need. To find out more contact us today.

    Click Here to Learn More

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Turning Messy Feelings into Creative Masterpieces

A portion of proceeds from our retail sales is donated to charitable organizations to help children with anxiety and depression.

As Ronald Reagan quoted- we can't help everyone; but everyone can help someone. This is our way of helping someone!


Connect With US! We are located at Glennwood Shopping Center 729 S Battlefield Blvd Suite B, Chesapeake, VA 23322 ~ 757-819-7982